Monday, 8 June 2009

Final beatboxing

These are photos from the final, THePETEBOX battling with Bigg Taj.

Yet more beatboxing

These are photos from the semi final, they weren't battling against each other but at the top is Marv-III and the bottom is Bass6, the dude in the middle is the presenter Stig.

More beatboxing

This was in the quarter final Drift vs THePETEBOX.

UK beatbox championships

On friday night I photographed the Nottingham heat of the UK Beatbox Championships. I really struggled with the available light that was there and I didn't take my flash as I thought that it would take away the atmosphere. I took about 1200 photos and sent about 70 odd to the guys at the beatbox champs and a PR company I was working for but I haven't heard anything from them so I really don't know if they're happy with them. I really think I did the best I could with what I had but they're not the best photos I've ever taken, so here's the best of a bad bunch! Ha!

Zoo again

And finally, a zebra, wallaby and a peacock that unfortunately wasn't horny!

Zoo aswell

I happen to think that pelican's are very interesting birds to look at... others don't agree. There's also a monkey at the top, he was very mischievious and was running about scaring the life out of us... naughty naughty!

Zoo also

Three little lemers swinging in a tree, one falls off then there's only two little lemers swinging on a tree... you know how it goes!

Zoo too

An elephant (not Nelly, but I don't remember her name) at feeding time!!


Well it's been a while since my last blog entry as I've had very important matters occupying my mind. So I'm back home in sunny Nottingham now and have photos from Blackpool Zoo... I wanted to go to the places I haddn't been to yet so I went to the zoo, along with the Model Village but I don't have photos from that unfortunately. So first up are an otter and a very very cute red panda! Everyone say "awwwwww."