Monday, 30 January 2012

Edited a couple for myself...

Here's a few more from the shoot with Alys Power that I decided to do a cool edit on!

Model: Miriam Rodriquez-Juarez
MUA: Emma Grant

Alys Power Design

Way back in June last year, on a very, very hot day in Nottingham we had a little studio shoot! :)
Prior to this shoot I met Alys at a craft fair in West Bridgford, I instantly fell in love with her jewellery, it's so original and unique! It's all hand crafted from vintage and precious materials which she finds at car boots and vintage fairs. I subsequently took a trip over to her studio and borrowed some of my favourite pieces for a fashion shoot! Upon seeing the results Alys asked me to take some photos for her and here is the result....

There's so much amazing stuff on her website, and she accepts commisions so get over there and grab yourself a unique, feminine, vintage, fun necklace, bracelet or ring! 

Model: Miriam Rodriquez-Juarez
MUA: Emma Grant

Tuesday, 24 January 2012


This is Lhoryn, local part time model. We decided to get togther, along with awesome MUA Emma Grant to create some nice head and shoulders shots on various themes. Unfortunately we only had an hour to shoot as Lhoryn had to rush off the work at the last minute. So we were only able to get two looks in. This first one is 50's glamour inspired. More will be coming soon...


Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Stargazing LIVE

To coincide with the BBC Two show "Stargazing LIVE" my local park, home to Wollaton Hall (which will be featured later this year in the film The Dark Knight Rises) held a special event for those potty about stars and just eager to look through a telescope and hope to see Jupiter! We just went to try and take some photos of the park at night time (it usually closes at dusk), it was absolutely freezing and my toes were about to fall off but I did last longer than an hour! Yippeeee! The photos you are about to see aren't good by any stretch, it's more just to prove to myself and everyone else that I actually did go and I did take something! Next time, I would love a telescope attached to the camera, to get really up close and personal, although I'd be more inclined to do so when there's not silly light pollution! Anyway, I'm waffling now aren't I... these photos were all done with exposures ranging from 30 seconds to 3 minutes - I really to have admiration for those who actually have the stamina and patience to take amazing photos of star trails and the like... I am not one of those people...

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Alternative Graduation!

Hello! It's 2012 and even though I have other shoots still to blog from last year I couldn't resist kicking off the New Year (yes, I know we're in week 2 now) with something really rather amusing! One of my friends asked me if I could recreate her graduation photo, it'd been lost in the post I think and her parents and grandparents were most disappointed. So she trundled up from London with a specially rented gown and I shot her new graduation photo! Of course, since I shot these in my living room my boyfriend and I couldn't resist having a go as well, along with some household items (a uke should be in every house). So I present to you Erin Gallagher's Alternative Graduation... along with Phil Formby's and me... well... I've never graduated so I didn't know what to do...