Monday, 15 February 2010


These are the three more miscellanious photos, the street performer was going to be in a set but the others that I took weren't good enough. I love this guys smile, it's frekking huge and his voice was really funny as he was telling my dad to go over to him. When he did , he ended up with a fruit necklace and a funny hat, he was my second favourite of the street performers and I had so many to choose from. He should feel lucky! The one below is of the boats in Port Vell, it was a lovely sunny day and I couldn't resist a snap. The one below is of the smiling lobster or is it a crayfish? The debate rages on...


Mercat da la Boqueria is Barcelona's world renowned food market and it's unbelievably impressive with it's neat stacks of fruit and vegetables and I've never seen so much fresh fish in my life it was amazing!! So here's a few photos I took in there. I wish I'd taken more but the film I had in my SLR was black and white which really wouldn't have done it justice.


I went to Barcelona for a whole week last week, it's an awesomely cool and arty city, full of culture. I added tremendously to it's arty style by shooting some good old out of date polaroids! Can't get enough of them so I apologise if you're bored now. I, like Picasso (who's museum we went to) was having a bit of a blue period... The architecture of Antoni Gaudi is jaw dropping to say the least and is one reason that Barcelona is a must see city for everyone!

Thursday, 11 February 2010


I look at my blog and I think "Wow, I've not done anything since November last year!" and I know that in terms of time it's not REALLY a huge deal but in terms of doing something I love it's friggin' massive! I've been looking at my old uni friends blogs and I've found myself being really envious of them, they faced the second year and seem to be doing some amazing things. Stew Capper especially. It makes me regret the fact that I ran away from it, I know that my reasons for doing so were valid but it feels a shame. The reason I haven't done anything for so long is that I'm currently working as a Commis Chef (I've done cheffing before and cooking and food is also something I love) at an extremely busy gastro pub, it serves great food and I work with some awesome people and I've learnt a hell of alot in the 3 months that I've been there. The problem lies with how much I work, it's about 10-14 hours a day (sometimes without a break), 5 days a week and the 2 days I have off I am extremely tired and spend with my boyfriend. I have no time for anything else that i enjoy, no photography, no jewellery making, and no playing with the brand new sewing machine that I got for Christmas and it begs me to ask the question "Was leaving uni a huge mistake and could I ever go back now?!" I enjoy being a chef (for the most part), I always have but I don't think I'm one dimensional enough to do it for the rest of my life, so what am I going to do?!


I appreciate that I'm cramming in my blogs into a day or two (so it's not very accurate in the timescale sense of blogging) but it has to be done I'm afraid, I have to go to work tomorrow! Over Christmas my uni friend Miriam sent me a copy of the book Blackpool: The People's Playground it's a photographic celebration of Blackpool and some of us students got involved with it before we started our summer break. There's 5 photos of mine in there and one of them is even on the cover, I don't think they're terribly good photos (you can see them all in an old blog if you scroll through) but it arrived to me at work and all I could do for the remainder of my shift was think about it and mentally patt myself on the back. It's started to make me think about the decisions I've made in the past year and whether or not they were the right ones. It's started to make me think about what I ultimately want from life, what I want to do with myself and the truth is, I don't know!