Saturday, 3 October 2009

and the beginning...


I went for two nights to Milan... it was nice but it's not very touristy, I don't want it to be like going to southern Spain but atleast a little more English/toursit friendly... ordering food was a hard task and generally people are as helpful there as they are here in London (not very)! I mastered the metro system though so here's a few photos of the underground! I took some more of b&w film so I'll upload those when they've been developed and scanned!


I like to take photos in shops, although, in some places they will tell you off (something to do with stealing designs or some shit) but I suffer from red button syndrome... upset the natural order... CHAOS REIGNS!!

Friday, 2 October 2009

More O.S

More photos of the street and at the bottom... there's the other Samantha smiling as she thought'd I'd wondered off whilst she was in the shop... :)

Oxford Street.

Last week I took a nice little trip to good ol' Oxford Street with my new Kiwi friend who also goes by the name of Samantha (I've always been so original), so I took a few snaps monochrome snaps... and a few colour... more in the next entry... ^^^


More Mini In The Park polaroids... including the mini push and our team which can be found here.

MITP polaroids

Some polaroids from Mini In The Park...