Sunday, 8 November 2009

Milano Metro too...

Some of my metro favs in here...
A CRY FOR HELP: I'm really lacking in inspiration at the moment as I have alot of shit on my mind so if anyone has any wise words and/or inspirational imagery to share with me.... PLEEEEEEEASE DO! Thanks!! :)

Metro Milano

Again, these are photos I took a while ago... these may look familiar if you've seen a previous blog... shot on Ilford Delta 3200... lots of grain... lovely...


These are just some random photos I took a while ago but have only just got round to scanning in. They're on Ilford Delta 3200... even though it makes a different and sometimes nice effect, I really need to stop using a high speed film in bright sunlight...

Saturday, 3 October 2009

and the beginning...


I went for two nights to Milan... it was nice but it's not very touristy, I don't want it to be like going to southern Spain but atleast a little more English/toursit friendly... ordering food was a hard task and generally people are as helpful there as they are here in London (not very)! I mastered the metro system though so here's a few photos of the underground! I took some more of b&w film so I'll upload those when they've been developed and scanned!


I like to take photos in shops, although, in some places they will tell you off (something to do with stealing designs or some shit) but I suffer from red button syndrome... upset the natural order... CHAOS REIGNS!!

Friday, 2 October 2009

More O.S

More photos of the street and at the bottom... there's the other Samantha smiling as she thought'd I'd wondered off whilst she was in the shop... :)

Oxford Street.

Last week I took a nice little trip to good ol' Oxford Street with my new Kiwi friend who also goes by the name of Samantha (I've always been so original), so I took a few snaps monochrome snaps... and a few colour... more in the next entry... ^^^


More Mini In The Park polaroids... including the mini push and our team which can be found here.

MITP polaroids

Some polaroids from Mini In The Park...

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Pranks and jokes...

I'd been here two days and whilst sorting out some clothes I noticed a little rat underneath my backpack, I didn't scream or even flinch for that matter as it was so obviously fake but I realised I was living with a bunch of jokers... or one to be precise! A few days later that ^ happened to Ross's (Peterborough lad's) room...


Well I thought I'd move to London to help aid saving money (go on, say it - In London?!), so yeah, my brother was working in a pub and said he could get me a live in job (rent £30 pw) and I would get plenty of hours so I said yeeeeaaaahhh, give it to meeeeee!! And I'm still here 5 weeks on and managing to save plenty of wonga! I'm living with a Scottish bird, a couple - a Kiwi and Safa and a lad from Peterborough, they're all cool, it's not amazing amounts of fun as we all work like 40/50 hours a week and I only have one day off a week (my choice) but it's cool! No travelling expenses, I just fall downstairs 5 mins before my shift starts! Only one photo for this entry... the view from my window, I live next door to Nandos and over the road is Macdonalds, M&S food (oh yeah!) and Waterstones... everything I need in Chiswick is right on my doorstep!!

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Speaking of Polaroids...

Yes, I did in my previous blog... I thought my last pack of film was going to be the last I was going to use this year without paying about a tonne for two packs, but then I went to Oxford Street (photos to come) and I decided to venture into Urban Outfitters (one of my favourite shops) and they were selling Polaroid film as part of The Impossible Project. Check it out - it looks as though they're on their way to bringing back instant film next year (for 10 years apparently), which gets the biggest two thumbs up from me and I guess anyone else that LOVES instant photography!!!! The noise of the camera is music to my ears and having that retro looking image in your hand only moments later is A-mazing!! Digital Polaroids can give you that joy too I supposed but it's JUST NOT AS GOOD!! But that's just my opinion, which I am entitled to!!! :)

Mini In The Park

50th Anniversary of the Mini this August... and yes includes that shitty BMW remake... didn't anyone tell them remakes were shit?... They all take on Hollywood, fake fake fake nasty elements (yes I'm talking about movies)! Anywho... Mini In The Park at Santa Pod raceway... I managed to save my ears from being blown off by noise a few times and also managed to take some photos! Hurrah! (about time, I hear you cry)... these ones aren't too good I have to stress but I took my polaroid with me and once I've found time to scan those babies in, they're much better!!

Sunday, 9 August 2009


Today I decided to make a digital pinhole and take a few snaps, I didn't get any great ones and the verdict is that I think I need a smaller hole... I'm sure these shouldn't be SO blurry?!