Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Another new one!

I bought a new old camera, a Canon A-1 from one of Phil's friends (athough Ihaven't paid Phil back...yet) and here's some photos from the first roll of film I stuck through it (Fuji Neopan 1600). Some of Phil, of the guys at work and other random stuff! It's a great little camera, it's harder to focus than the Pentax K1000 that I'm used to but I do like the look and feel of the first photos I've made with it so hopefully it'll only get better!!

Processing the cross.

Some photos from my diana mini, again but these are Kodak Ektachrome 100 slide film processed in C41 chemicals. Some from Buxton, some from my work leaving do and some from my journey into Nottingham city centre. But backwards.

Monday, 25 October 2010


Yesterday it was a gorgeous day so Phil and I decided to go to the peak district again, only this time we went to the villages Bakewell, Buxton and Matlock. We found a car boot sale in Bakewell at which I talked Phil into buying 6 novelty teapots for £2, for a game (Hillbilly Darts) that he and his friend made last summer, to find out the rules, click here. These 4 photos were taken with my new fujifilm instax camera, on the way to and at Bakewell. The idea was to take 3 shots in each village but I've discovered something about the camera that's a bit of a flaw.... it eats up batteries and I stupidly didn't take any spares, I know, I know, rookie mistake but the pictures still look pretty and now I have 6 shots left to take somewhere else. I took four cameras out with me so tune in soon for lots more photos!!

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Fujifilm Instax

I love instant film that much that my gorgeous boyfriend (above, pulling the face of tragedy (i was comedy)) bought me a fujifilm instax 100 camera and some film as a surprise present. As it happens I got excited and shot 10 photos (out of 20) 2 didn't come out and one was shot and given to a newly engaged couple and here's some of the others. Not great but exciting. Oh and if you've never seen this camera before, it's a beast...

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Lazy Sundays...

The weather on Sunday, albeit cold was amazingly sunny and nice, I wanted to get outside and take some photos and we'd already decided (i say we because we do live together now so make decisions together, sometimes) to go with a friend and his girlfriend to watch some deer rut, yes it's fighting season ladies and gentlemen! Anywho, we ended up in the Peak District, The Longshaw Estate to be precise, near Sheffield. After getting a little lost we did eventually get there but missed out on the amazing weather that we awoke to, and the only photos I have to show are these 4 Polaroids (so far). They're very purple but I guess that could be due to the fact that the film was over a year out of date.

Oh and these two bafoons decided it'd be a brilliant idea to bring a pram along for the hike, after a while I don't think tthey found it quite as funny.

Killer Crystals.

The first polaroid I took, attacked by those pesky crystals. Gutted.

I'm a bit late in getting this blog up but better late than never eh!? So if you're a follower of mine you'll know that I love my polaroids so naturally when the first lot of Impossible Projects film came out (PX 600 silvershade) I went straight on't'net and bought some. I've since experienced something that alot of other users did, what the people at impossible called "the attack of the killer crystals" . This phenomenon is due to humidity trapped within the exposed polaroid which changes the film over time (not very much time in some cases I hasten to add). There are ways of overcoming this apparently but my chosen method was to try putting the developed image in the fridge but then as you'll see from my images that didn't even work.

The next polaroid i took about 4 weeks ago and kept it in the fridge ever since, it's just starting to be affected in the top right hand corner. Still Gutted.

This third photo I took was at my new job, me and Jon (one of the photographers) were on a photo shoot at a day nursery (one week ago) and as you can see that's started to turn on left side. Even more gutted as I actually liked this photo.

I don't really know what my point was with this entry now but I hope it was interesting for you!

New Job!

Well, quite alot has happened in the past month, hence the lack of entries I've produced. I've moved house (in with my boyfriend) and got myself a new job. It's only temporary but I'm hoping it'll lead on to something more permanant, I'm now a photographer's assistant for Saul Isaac Photography which is a studio based in Ruddington specialising in family orientated portraiture, both in the studio and on location. It's also home to a great school photography business, the photos are so much better than the ones we had at school, not a motle blue background in site, and 4 different poses, not just the head and shoulders shot that'll remind you of a time when you had no teeth and the dreaded bowl haircut, 4 nice, bright, cute pictures instead. So yeah, I've been there nearly two weeks and everyone is really cool, I'm getting on really well, editing, cutting, packing and making teas and coffees, whoop!