Monday, 25 October 2010


Yesterday it was a gorgeous day so Phil and I decided to go to the peak district again, only this time we went to the villages Bakewell, Buxton and Matlock. We found a car boot sale in Bakewell at which I talked Phil into buying 6 novelty teapots for £2, for a game (Hillbilly Darts) that he and his friend made last summer, to find out the rules, click here. These 4 photos were taken with my new fujifilm instax camera, on the way to and at Bakewell. The idea was to take 3 shots in each village but I've discovered something about the camera that's a bit of a flaw.... it eats up batteries and I stupidly didn't take any spares, I know, I know, rookie mistake but the pictures still look pretty and now I have 6 shots left to take somewhere else. I took four cameras out with me so tune in soon for lots more photos!!

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