Thursday, 21 October 2010

New Job!

Well, quite alot has happened in the past month, hence the lack of entries I've produced. I've moved house (in with my boyfriend) and got myself a new job. It's only temporary but I'm hoping it'll lead on to something more permanant, I'm now a photographer's assistant for Saul Isaac Photography which is a studio based in Ruddington specialising in family orientated portraiture, both in the studio and on location. It's also home to a great school photography business, the photos are so much better than the ones we had at school, not a motle blue background in site, and 4 different poses, not just the head and shoulders shot that'll remind you of a time when you had no teeth and the dreaded bowl haircut, 4 nice, bright, cute pictures instead. So yeah, I've been there nearly two weeks and everyone is really cool, I'm getting on really well, editing, cutting, packing and making teas and coffees, whoop!

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