Monday, 12 December 2011


Last night I attended PENNYFEST 3 in the Derby Silk Mill Museum, not open to the public but it is a great location to hold an event such as this one! This great little event was hosted by Derby promoters Apples for Discos and local online magazine & networking site Hatch'd Magazine is to raise money for Penny's Fund. Pennyfest 2 was held this summer and a mini documentry was made by Philip Formby, you can see it HERE.

For more information or to donate to Penny's Fund please visit Facebook/Pennysfund

Here are some photos I shot last night, nothing amazing but it's about time I did something!! :) Bands featured are Hallouminati, Alright The Captain, Mascot Fight and Crushing Blows.

It is a boy!!

I'm massively late in blogging the latest photo, courtesy of Nottingham City Hospital! Now I can start buying little plaid shirts for him, he'll look just like his daddy! :)