Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Man about town!

I hate the phrase "Man about town" as a couple of you may be aware and know the reason why but I won't go into detail and I also don't know what other sentence is good enough to some-up taking photos of a man... about... town. Gah! Here's some photos of Aaron. Taken on a leisurely Monday afternoon... The day The Old Angel caught fire 14/03/2011, heavy metal fans are heartbroken across the Nottingham area!

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Rhea Clements

Just a quick blog entry to share with some of my favourite photographs that I did on a shoot for awesome knitwear designer Rhea Clements. I'm the proud owner of the large red ruffled collar scarf, you should be too... or maybe a beautiful shawl (since we're entering spring!)

Models: Yasmin Ali and Lhoryn Betts
Hair Stylist: Adelle Barlow
MUA: Ashleigh Turner
Designer: Rhea Clements

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Photographing Children!

At Saul Isaac, there is alot of photographing children, whether it's at schools and nurseries or in a family studio portrait session, there's alot happening. I've never photographed a child before and to be honest the thought of doing so scared me somewhat. My 10 year old second cousin wants to be a model and her mum asked me if I could take some photos of her and of course I said yes, it's a good chance for me to practice, both at photography and being around children. Here are some of my favourite shots that I took of Kim. Enjoy! Feedback would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Another Model Shoot! :)

Here's some photographs that I took on a recent model day at Saul Isaac. We worked our charms on the good people of both Whetherspoons and Fat Cats to let us use some space that they had to a) get out of the freezing cold b) get make-up done and c) to shoot of course!! Would like to thank everyone involved in that day! They helped make it warmer and much more enjoyable! Got some alright photos too... :)


 Models: Sara-Belle
MUA and Hair: Lauren Creasey