Thursday, 18 August 2011

Death Becomes Her

I'm a little late in publishing these images to my blog as they were supposed to be for a magazine but the issue got cancelled so I can now reveal them to you! The theme was "favourite scenes from a movie" and I chose the film Death Becomes Her. Brilliant film, if you haven't seen, it you should, it's funny and has Brucie in it!! For those of you that have seen the film, I'm sure you can guess the scene I chose.
I gathered my creative team together and we headed to Wollaton Hall for an evening. They shots were lit with two Speedlites and I'm not a Photoshop whizz in the slightest but those wholes literally took me 2 gruelling days to perfect! And even now some Photoshop whizzes would probably laugh at my attempt, I on the other hand am very proud of myself and feel invincible in the world of photo editing now! :) This is the first time I've really used textures as well so as a whole I'm particularly fond of this shoot! And as always, feedback would be most appreciated! Thanks x

The Team:
Models: Miriam Rodriguez Juarez and Bethany Mumford
Hair: Ayesha Caunt-Buonocore
MUA: Sarah Vaites
Designer: Katherine Kerrison

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Rhea Clements Jewellery.

From the same shoot as the previous post but I thought it should have it's own 5 mins of fame, these are Rhea Clements faux leather jewllery! Isn't it lovely!

The Pastels Collection - Rhea Collection.

I've worked with Rhea Clements Designs a few times now and it's always a pleasure, these photos are from a recent shoot we did with her latest scarf collection. The collection is unamed as yet so I've taken the liberty of calling it The Pastels Collcection in the meantime! :) The lovely red head featured in these photos is Chloe Bleackley and gorgeous girl below her is Satya-Sara. Hair and make-up is done by Sarah Vaites.


My little sister came to visit me a few weeks ago for the first time which was really nice!! We went to Splendour Festival, got incredibly burnt and whilst hungover we went to the arboretum in Nottingham City Centre and took some photos, here is the result! My sister is one for wearing hair extensions and false eyelashes all the time, I think she looks prettier without!