Thursday, 21 October 2010

Lazy Sundays...

The weather on Sunday, albeit cold was amazingly sunny and nice, I wanted to get outside and take some photos and we'd already decided (i say we because we do live together now so make decisions together, sometimes) to go with a friend and his girlfriend to watch some deer rut, yes it's fighting season ladies and gentlemen! Anywho, we ended up in the Peak District, The Longshaw Estate to be precise, near Sheffield. After getting a little lost we did eventually get there but missed out on the amazing weather that we awoke to, and the only photos I have to show are these 4 Polaroids (so far). They're very purple but I guess that could be due to the fact that the film was over a year out of date.

Oh and these two bafoons decided it'd be a brilliant idea to bring a pram along for the hike, after a while I don't think tthey found it quite as funny.

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Philip Formby said...

The pram never stopped being a good idea! i regret nothing!