Thursday, 21 October 2010

Killer Crystals.

The first polaroid I took, attacked by those pesky crystals. Gutted.

I'm a bit late in getting this blog up but better late than never eh!? So if you're a follower of mine you'll know that I love my polaroids so naturally when the first lot of Impossible Projects film came out (PX 600 silvershade) I went straight on't'net and bought some. I've since experienced something that alot of other users did, what the people at impossible called "the attack of the killer crystals" . This phenomenon is due to humidity trapped within the exposed polaroid which changes the film over time (not very much time in some cases I hasten to add). There are ways of overcoming this apparently but my chosen method was to try putting the developed image in the fridge but then as you'll see from my images that didn't even work.

The next polaroid i took about 4 weeks ago and kept it in the fridge ever since, it's just starting to be affected in the top right hand corner. Still Gutted.

This third photo I took was at my new job, me and Jon (one of the photographers) were on a photo shoot at a day nursery (one week ago) and as you can see that's started to turn on left side. Even more gutted as I actually liked this photo.

I don't really know what my point was with this entry now but I hope it was interesting for you!

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