Thursday, 24 September 2009


Well I thought I'd move to London to help aid saving money (go on, say it - In London?!), so yeah, my brother was working in a pub and said he could get me a live in job (rent £30 pw) and I would get plenty of hours so I said yeeeeaaaahhh, give it to meeeeee!! And I'm still here 5 weeks on and managing to save plenty of wonga! I'm living with a Scottish bird, a couple - a Kiwi and Safa and a lad from Peterborough, they're all cool, it's not amazing amounts of fun as we all work like 40/50 hours a week and I only have one day off a week (my choice) but it's cool! No travelling expenses, I just fall downstairs 5 mins before my shift starts! Only one photo for this entry... the view from my window, I live next door to Nandos and over the road is Macdonalds, M&S food (oh yeah!) and Waterstones... everything I need in Chiswick is right on my doorstep!!

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