Thursday, 11 February 2010


I look at my blog and I think "Wow, I've not done anything since November last year!" and I know that in terms of time it's not REALLY a huge deal but in terms of doing something I love it's friggin' massive! I've been looking at my old uni friends blogs and I've found myself being really envious of them, they faced the second year and seem to be doing some amazing things. Stew Capper especially. It makes me regret the fact that I ran away from it, I know that my reasons for doing so were valid but it feels a shame. The reason I haven't done anything for so long is that I'm currently working as a Commis Chef (I've done cheffing before and cooking and food is also something I love) at an extremely busy gastro pub, it serves great food and I work with some awesome people and I've learnt a hell of alot in the 3 months that I've been there. The problem lies with how much I work, it's about 10-14 hours a day (sometimes without a break), 5 days a week and the 2 days I have off I am extremely tired and spend with my boyfriend. I have no time for anything else that i enjoy, no photography, no jewellery making, and no playing with the brand new sewing machine that I got for Christmas and it begs me to ask the question "Was leaving uni a huge mistake and could I ever go back now?!" I enjoy being a chef (for the most part), I always have but I don't think I'm one dimensional enough to do it for the rest of my life, so what am I going to do?!

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