Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Alternative Graduation!

Hello! It's 2012 and even though I have other shoots still to blog from last year I couldn't resist kicking off the New Year (yes, I know we're in week 2 now) with something really rather amusing! One of my friends asked me if I could recreate her graduation photo, it'd been lost in the post I think and her parents and grandparents were most disappointed. So she trundled up from London with a specially rented gown and I shot her new graduation photo! Of course, since I shot these in my living room my boyfriend and I couldn't resist having a go as well, along with some household items (a uke should be in every house). So I present to you Erin Gallagher's Alternative Graduation... along with Phil Formby's and me... well... I've never graduated so I didn't know what to do...

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