Saturday, 2 March 2013

1st outdoor ramble

Today my dad and I took Louie for his first outdoor walk at one of our local parks, The University Boating Lake. He absolutely loved it and walked sooo far! We couldn't let go of his hands as he was so distracted showing off and smiling at passers by! Unfortunately noone asked how old he was so I couldn't reply smuggly! Although I did hear someone say "WOW"! Hehe! I had 40 very proud mummy moments today!
He walked over his first bridge today too!! Eeeeeeeee! I know the smugness will be wiped off my face soon enough when he starts trying to walk into roads and ponds and won't listen when I tell him not to but it's such a nice feeling that he's now officially a toddler, although I am rather sad it's happened so fast too! I just had to share my moment (or 40) with you! :)

He walked from side of the frame to the other... not literally mind. And that was only part of the walk! I'm so proud!


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