Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Lighting Practice!

Tonight I decided and prearranged with my favourite model to do a little shoot in my garage. It was pretty cold, I think her toes are still numb...oops! Hope she knows I love her for it!
I basically borrowed two 580ex11 speedlite flashes with pocket wizard triggers and an orange flash gel. Visitng the SWPP made me decide to have a bit of a practice with off camera flash. Very tricky in the dark to focus so I did get alot of terrible photos, and sometimes one or both of the flashes didn't trigger which I don't understand and need to figure out, even when it flashed my camera didn't register it. As you can see I've tried to do all manner of lighting styles. Feedback would be much appreciated!

This one's just 'cause I caught the facial expression and loved it. I'm weird, I know! :)

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