Friday, 22 February 2013

The life of a babywearer.

Babywearing is something that's very dear to me and I've decided to start a project documenting the life of a babywearer, once completed it's going to look beautiful and hopefully will inspire many parents who know little about it to research and try it out with their bubbas. 
Unfortunately for me Louie didn't enjoy being worn in the first few months, although it didn't stop him being carried whilst we had to push his pushchair! My back was very thankful when our cheapy Palm and Pond mei tai finally worked for us! For 6 months now we've ditched the puschair and carried him everyday, shopping, to baby groups, on buses, whilst cooking/cleaning, during teething and most importantly for us, to help make nap times easier. He loves being carried by me, and it's only natural, all babies love being held by their mothers and I love the closeness we share too.
With the love of babywearing, comes a love of all things sling. There really is one for everyone and if you don't believe me I could show you some online groups that will persuade you! Mei Tai, Stretchy wrap, woven wrap, ring sling, buckles, conversions. Oh and the sizes, the colour ways, the fabric blends and if you can't find something you like there are many many people who will make you your babywearing desire! Since Louie came along 10 months ago I have aquired and unacquired a Baba Sling, a ring sling, a mei tai and 5 woven wraps! I'm definitely a wrapper but have just found a wrap conversion mei tai I just NEED! Haha, anyway, I've digressed... back to the point of this blog...
For about a week or so now I have had a bit of a poorly foot... some new shoes and lots have walking are the culprit, boooo! So this week on Tuesday I decided to brave the buggy! Not to much avail as my terribly grumpy baby did not want to be in the thing, can't blame him really...he couldn't see me, talk to me or feel my warmth on his face when he fell asleep. AND I was constantly pushing him into roads with big scary cars on them. And needless to say I hated it, it's cumbersome (and mines a small one in comparison to others out there) and there's nothing more amazing than walking along and having your little one babble away in your ear, but I just couldn't interact with him! They do have their place for people I'm sure, and for those who can't babywear for medical reasons, it's just not for us! So as my young one didn't want to be pushed around, much like when he was wee, it was up to my good friend and model for this project to comfort him so I could keep extra pressure off my foot! Naturally this made for a great photo opportunity, and this photo is a sneak peek into a project that will probably become one of my favourites, will hopefully inspire non babywearers and  will make current babywearers coo and giggle! 

This is Mayita, tying a tandem carry with her Arlo on the back and my Louie on her front! :)



Unknown said...

This is very good, I hope you inspire more New Mothers to try wraps :-) x

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