Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Knock, Knock...

I gave myself a little project, to photograph a friend and then tell them a joke and photograph them again, I thought the results would be interesting. I couldn't do it properly with Phil as he was my joke bible so here he is entertaining himself with Viz, I love his smile.

Siobhan, my Irish -Austrailian friend, she laughs at me alot, I think she thinks I'm funny like a clown, I think alot of people do. I love taking photos of her, she's so pretty and she doesn't mind me poking a Pentax in her face. Her reaction was so good I took three photos, she cried with laughter, I told the joke wrong, she still thinks I'm a clown.

Jacqui, brilliant lady, I love her laugh, it's filthy.

Kirtsy Fox, great name, great gal, her laugh is a reserved one and it makes her cute.

I wanna do more of these.
I think I will.

1 comment:

Dan Wheeler said...

These are ace Sam! Really good idea.
What camera and film did you use?