Monday, 29 November 2010


I've never really done any lifestyle photography before, just this one image for my friends portfolio, and at Saul Isaac, that's one of the services they provide, using natural and off camera flash lighting. So, i took it upon myself to do some at Wollaton Park, I thought it'd be good practice, especially since I bought a speedlite transmitter to play around with some off camera flash. This is Jen, she's a friends girlfriend, we know each other obviously but not very well and this is the only time we've spent alone together, I'm trying to push myself out of my comfort zone and striking up interesting conversation with people I don't know very well I can find quite hard. I figure it's time to make the most of this opportunity that I've been given at Saul Isaac and push myself more, it's the only way I'll get better.
I've assisted on two lifestyle photo shoots, both in Wollaton Park, one was a pre-wedding shoot and the other was a family of three. On the latter I took a few photos, I'm sure none of them will be used as the buttons on the cameras confused me.... there's just so many on the big dslr's!! But even so, it was nice of Dan to give me opportunity to try and get to know the camera. And on the pre-wedding shoot with Carl I learnt some off camera flash, so in this blog I've tried to put what I've learnt so far into practice, I took alot more photos and probably took longer than the guys at the studio but practice makes perfect, and Jen was a great model!!

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