Wednesday, 1 August 2012


I'm poorly, I've had a sore throat for the past few days and now I have a headache and am very tired to boot! Boooo, I hate feeling rubbish! :( In other news the diet is still going well, I nearly had a slip up earlier but it was avoided and I can now say that in the past week I have lost 4lbs! Yay!! Just another 2st 4lbs to go! Gosh, it's really hard though, I'm not sure I'm entirely capable of doing it all in one go, I'm way toooo much of a foodie and I really really want chocolate and fish & chips and blah blah blah.... 
This is Phil playing on his guitar....

Tomorrow I am hopefully supposed to be meeting on of my good friends from school, if yesterday and today (Kate also had car trouble and couldn't make it today :( ) are anything to go by it might not happen! Seems the universe doesn't want me to have friends this week, boo universe! Anyway I'm off to rest my weary head, goodnight all!


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