Friday, 3 August 2012


Yay!! I finally met a friend today, Kate. We went for a lovely lunch at The Wollaton Pub & Kitchen, I did have to hold Louie the entire time though which was a bit frustrating but a situation I'm sure a lot of mums have sympathy with! After our lunch we popped to Wollaton Park for a leafy area to take this photo. Kate is a clothing designer and I originally wanted to show that in the photo but she forgot to bring the props that I wanted her too so it's just a simple portrait. I was looking forward to having a prop but it does mean I have take another photo on a different day! :)
She's a bit soft in the eyes but that's because I was crouching down to the same level as Kate with camera in one had and child in the other... clingy indeed!

Disappointingly this was a lot more vibrant before I uploaded it here...
Oh well, Riverside Festival tomorrow and I'm going to see my friend Jon! 
Have a nice weekend! :)


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