Thursday, 2 August 2012


I can officially confirm that the universe doesn't want me to see my friends this week, after being cancelled on because of car troubles for two days previous I was cancelled on today for a severely bad back! Booooo, hiss, as much as it's sucks for me and my plans for the day I do hope they all get sorted out, especially Rose! I am sending lots of love her way! xxx
So yet another day of watching the Olympics today and what a great day it was, medals galore, I was on the edge of my seat when I was allowed to watch it... we're in growth spurt central here and that means very fussy, very hungry and very sleepy baby! He's keeping me on my toes that's for sure, I never know what  he wants! 
In our living room we have a welsh dresser which currently has lots of clutter on it and is major eye candy for Louie, he stares at it constantly so I decided to take a picture of one of it's knobs... and flip it...

Going to try again to see Kate tomorrow and if that fails I'll ask Phil to take me out instead! :)


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