Wednesday, 15 August 2012


Today I was supposed to see Kate but things got in the way and that didn't happen, booooo! :( I took Louie to be weighed today and he weighs 13lb 15oz, judging by other babies I thought he'd be a lot bigger now but he's nice and healthy and that's all that matters! The rest of the day I did chores and tried to shoot this photo. Shooting self portraits is hard enough but doing it will a baby is ridiculous! I chopped my head off numerous times and even this one I had to head swap as my good head was on a bad body and vice versa. I was originally going to have this as a standard white background image but then Phil said he thought it'd be good to show my homemade studio that's currently taking over my living room...

Going to a weening class tomorrow, oh what fun! :)

Nighty night!


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