Sunday, 22 July 2012


It was a glorious day today but since I got pretty burnt yesterday I thought I'd stay at home and do some housework with the windows open! I also had to deal with a very clingy and slightly grumpy baby! I thought they were supposed to get easier as time went on but Louie seems to be uber clingy and starts to fuss immediately when I'm out of his sight, I also have to hold him about 80% of the day! It's tiring but I do love that he's a bit of a mummy's boy! :) 
So I'm on day 2 of my diet today, I'm not being totally strict but I'm using free Weight Watchers information to help me figure out how to eat healthier. I'm not very good at that at all, those of you who know me well will know I'm a massive foodie. As soon as I wake up I'm thinking about what I can cook for my dinner and it has to be something complicated and super tasty! 
This is a tasty Weight Watchers version of a Tiramisu but with raspberries and hardly any calories (minus the extra biscuits, they're just for the photo)... 

It's only two days in but I feel like I'm doing well! Hope the weather's nice tomorrow so I can have a lovely walk round the park with my boy!


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