Wednesday, 18 July 2012


So far so good, that's one week down, just another 51 to go, haha!
I didn't do much today, took Louie for a weigh in and fetched some spuds from the shop for dinner. I did however take a detour on the way home to find something for my photo today, a nice big pink flower growing next to the curb. I love the idea of one lucky (or not so lucky) seed finding it's way outside the designated garden area. I saw it whilst driving down the same road last week and thought it was amazing, I know, I'm easily pleased, sometimes. Today however, the flower had gone and I instead got absolutely drenched with rain, booooo! Although getting so wet in the summer actually wasn't so bad and instead made me think that it'd been a long time since I'd taken my coat off and enjoyed being out in the rain. What happened to that? Why do we all get to a certain point in our lives where we decide that being out in the rain's not fun anymore!? I think when the opportunity rises, like on a day off, we should all  have a little dance in the rain... only in the summer though, the winter would be no fun at all!
Anyhow, I didn't get a photo of the flower I wanted but instead I opted to do a self-portrait with Louie... :)

I used to do a lot of self-portraits, maybe now I'm doing this challenge I'll start experimenting some more!

Watch this space! :)


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