Thursday, 12 July 2012


Lately I've been inspired by a very talented lady called Georgina Stokes. A beautiful model I've worked with a few times, she has recently made a Facebook page for her photography and started a 365 challenge, this is where you take a photograph every day for a whole year (I'm sure you knew that)! Georgina is always extremely busy and even this past month, with moving house, she's still managed to keep up with taking one photo a day and they're always absolutely gorgeous to boot! Once you check out her photo album, which I highly suggest, you'll understand why I've been inspired! See it HERE! 

As I'm on maternity leave I find myself with quite a lot of free time, well, not that much, entertaining a child is a full time job in itself but my passion for photography shouldn't take a back seat. I'm sure I can spare some time in the day to produce one little photo, that's the plan anyway and in doing so I hope to improve both my photography and editing skills. I just hope I can keep it up! Beware my friends, my camera will accompany me everywhere! :)

A few months ago I took some pregnancy photos of my bump buddy, Kym! Neither of us have bumps anymore but we do have two gorgeous little babies (mine will probably feature a lot on this 365 challenge). Louie and I spent a lovely day in West Bridgford with Kym and Eavie-Rose, of course the camera came out! Here is 1/365... 

I'll be posting the rest of the photos I took in a separate post.
Thank you Gina for inspiring me with your beautiful photos!! :)

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