Tuesday, 17 July 2012


I've recently decided it's time to lose my baby weight, my healthy diet will be starting next week and I've been doing bits of exercise here and there, some swimming/exercise classes. I've also decided to do more walking, mostly because it's free and relatively easy (when it's not chucking it down). I've been doing pretty well, last week I took a 4mile walk around the West Bridgford area, then on Friday I walked to Beeston and back, which, by the way, isn't a 9.1 mile round trip, (Google can be wrong after all, who knew?!) it's a 5.2 mile round trip! 
Yesterday I did some walking in the horrendous rain and today I decided to walk to Beeston again! It took me 1hr 45mins to go there and back, pushing a pushchair I might add! I was absolutely knackered and my face was bright red to boot (I wondered why I was being stared at), I blame both The Black Keys and MGMT, the upbeat tunes in my lug holes were making me charge full steam ahead! 
Anywho, whilst in Beeston I went to Bean Cafe, they do awesome coffee, paninis and cakes! I met my friend Mayita and her son, Arlo. 
Here's a photo of them both, street photography stylee...

I just love how comfy Arlo looks in the sling! :)


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