Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Not Wales pt.7

3 nights at The Big Chill. We decided that this was too much after a weeks camping/driving holiday, especially since we pitched our tent up in the purple side. Purple = right next to the side of the festival that doesn't sleep, drum and bass blaring out until the early hours, and teenagers that never leave the campsite, and talk about how much weed they smoked and ket they took. Usually, I'd not mind, but having not slept properly for a little over a week, it sent us stir crazy to the point where Phil wanted to punch them all and leave on the Saturday night! One of them even wanted some of our bacon in return for an iPhone and we said no, we hated them, we loved the dead pig that was sizzling away on our gas stove more. Despite all that we were able to see some awesome acts and discover more that we might possibly listen to again. Kelis was the only act I really wanted to see and for some reason she was switched right at the last minute with Plan B (I blame him, I bet he didn't turn up on time, loser), which meant I was watching Roots Manuva instead of seeing them both. Roots was cool, although he didn't actually do much and to be honest it didn't make me bob up and down as much at home/in the car but I still enjoyed it. I loved Massive Attack and found a nice empty spot to dance around like a loon, as you do. Surprisngly Lily Allen was my highlight, I found myself knowing alot of the songs and having a good sing and dance, I think she gave a great performance despite being up the duff and her songs are so much better uncensored! Bit of a long post but yeah, here's my photos, Me, Phil, his Aunty, Uncle, Mum, Brother and his brothers friends, and random goings on, a lovely gay ol' time! :)

All shot on Kodak Tmax 3200.

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