Friday, 20 August 2010

Wales pt.4

Our next stop over was to be in Brecon but to break up the journey we stopped for lunch in Aberyswyth (no photos from there, it's a horrible place) and also took a look at Devil's Bridge. This bridge is unusual in that there are three bridges all built on top of the other. I didn't find it particularly awe inspiring BUT the story behind it is pretty amusing... According to the legend the original bridge was built by the Devil, as it was too difficult for mortals to build. The agreement was that the Devil would build the bridge in return for the soul of the first life to cross the bridge. The Devil built the bridge but was tricked by an old woman who threw bread onto the bridge. Her dog crossed the bridge for the bread, thus becoming the first life to cross the new bridge. It's remarkable how stories like this come about. So here it is, Devil's Bridge, not a great photo but I needed to post the story and I can't do that without an image! :)

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