Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Wales pt.1

There's my sexy boyfriend above!! :) So we decided to have a holiday in Wales together, travelling around and camping, I've never been on a camping holiday before and it was great!
We did start off in Bangor however at Phil's aunties house for 3 nights! It was nice, I was introduced to pictionary (yes, I am sheltered)! Phil's aunty has been sufferring with back problems for a couple of years now, and discovered that a way to keep the pain at bay was to swim, she's since become obsessed with it, especially swimming in the sea and lakes and pretty much anywhere where there is water. We went on a swim with her, unfortunately I can't remember the name of the beach but the first three photos were taken there!
The rest were taken at Pardarn Valley which was beautiful and included a Slate Museum which made all of us sick of the sight of slate and the non colour of grey. All the photos were shot on Kodak 400CN which is processed in C41 chemicals, I wonder if this is why I found them a little difficult to scan but nevermind... Enjoy!

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