Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Wales pt.6

The penultimate stop on our road trip was the little market town of Hay-on-Wye, on the border of Wales and England, it's commonly known as the Town of Books and is home to over 30 second-hand and specialist bookshops. The man to blame (or praise) for this is a man called Richard Booth. Mr Booth opened the first of his second-hand bookshops in 1961 and since then has helped to build Hay-on-Wye as one of the greatest towns in the world for fanatics and sellers. His innovative way of boosting the towns economy year upon year led Booth to declare the town independant of the UK in 1977, with himself as the King. Although the proclaimation carries no weight officially, most of the town have rallied behind King Richard and are delighted with the publicity he has attracted to the town. King Richard currently resides im the Castle bookshop which is where my photos are from. The grounds are home to an Honesty Bookshop, the paperbacks are 50p and Hardbacks are £1, put the money in the box! Honestly though, we wandered around the honesty bookshop twice and decided that there was nothing you'd even want to purchase, which was a shame as I really wanted to prove my honesty!

I could've taken so many more photos in this town but unfortunately we arrived a little huungover which probably was a blessing in disguise as we both came away with 9 books EACH! Cheap though! I would recommend a trip to this town, if you love books of course, and I also recommend this B&B. Yes, on our camping holiday we stayed in a B&B, we thought it'd be wise to rejuvenate and shower properly before our 7th and final stop...

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