Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Wales pt.3

After Portmeirion we headed down to Barmouth, we stayed in an alright campsite that was close to the town and had a train track running through it. I really should've read the guide I had properly, as it's described as this... "Cluttered with shops selling takeaway food, buckets and spades, and pleasure beach sideshow attractions..." Something should've screamed "Blllacccckkkkppppoooolll" but it didn't and we ended up there! It wasn't too bad really, we had a really nice evening/night walking along the beach, taking photos and putting our worlds to right! I need to try and forget about the terrible meal we had, but I don't think Phil will ever forgive me for my meal ruining pickiness! I say the right things but at the wrong time was the conclusion! Anyway, the first pics were taken on Fuji Neopan 1600 on Barmouth beach, the metal detector man is called Martin Rhodes... Phil has a better photo and his story when he eventually puts it up... check it out... Here. I saw my first jellyfish too (yes, i'm sheltered)... p.s it was dead.

On our way into Barmouth we saw a steam train, which i've never seen before... gosh I really have been living under a rock! Anyway, I found out that the train went through our capsite so the morning before we were to leave, Phil and I waited for about 15mins for it to pass for a perfect shot. The train approached, quite slowly as it's a steam train and I pressed the shutter and heard a 'beep beep beep'... i thought 'fuck' and changed it back from self-portrait back to one shot, panicked and took a shot and this is it, the shot that looks completely different to my vision... my fluke...

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Philip Formby said...

i love your picture of the steam train. i think the circumstance makes it so much better. it seems so lucky that its framed so perfectly. your reactions must be in the nano seconds. (scan it in again with the tracks) :)