Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Shimmy in the Shire '10

Phil's good friend from uni invited us to a mini festival he arranges every year at his parents house in the countryside of Lincolnshire. To coincide with that, two of my closest friends from uni were coming for a visit so I invited them along too, it made me feel so much better as I'd only ever met Ollie briefly on the tram before and I have a thing about crashing parties (although I wasn't crashing, it was friends of Ollies but also friends of friends). There were about eight tents up in the tiny area of field, mini campfires, a big bonfire and a huge BBQ with about a tonne of meat, yum! And lots of music and beer. It was lovely and great to see Sammi and Miriam too!! The photos I've taken are in the fest and the surrounding area. They're shot on Ilford xp2 400 but I stupidly shot it on 1600, so I took them to Mick at Photo and he worked his magic for me, I did still lose some though so my lesson is learnt! Phil's photos are better, see here!

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